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Don't Go Down
  Lyrics By:Jeb Puryear
  Music By:Jeb Puryear
   Unofficial Lyrics
Jeb Puryear: Hopes and Dreams (2007)
Debut 1/7/05
(On 7/10/05 Jeb said the song was meant "to commemorate our loss.")

Yeah, we're gonna love
The breeze still blows
The sun still shines
On what we still know
Took some wicked (white hot) blows
In the final round
Hang on to love
And don't go down

Don't go down and embrace the forces
That can darken the brightest skies
Don't go down and meet the emperor's daggered eyes
Don't go down and say I can no longer ride
Take a look around
And don't go down

Ragged stars caused drastic measures to occur
Turned everything we are into only something that we were
Shedding skin, staggered now
Waiting for the bell to sound
Don't go down

Date Modified 10/2/2008

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