I Love My Tribe
  Lyrics By:Tara Nevins
  Music By:Tara Nevins
   Unofficial Lyrics
Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday (2013) 
Debut 3/24/12 

See the world from the shape that I'm in
See the love that put me here
Like a square peg trying to bend
Got to make it through that circle again

Wasted time on the worries I keep
I trust the signs only now and then
I put my faith yeah in those I believe
Yeah I believe in the love of a friend

You might say it's like sitting in the front seat
Driving in your favorite car
Well mine was stolen it was not broken
Now I'm looking for another one

I love my tribe (yeah, yeah)
I love my tribe (yeah, yeah)
I love my tribe (yeah, yeah)
I love my tribe

Straight ahead now I'm blowing off steam
Straight up yeah shooting from the inside
Lookout oh yeah I'm picking up steam
Wide open with the heartache of a lifetime

Winding up the road
I'm searching for a gear that climbs
Well no brakes are gonna stop
This heart from beating out of time

DateAdded: 7/16/2012 Date Modified 7/7/2013

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