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Hundred Miles (One Cold Dollar)
  Lyrics By:Jeb Puryear
  Music By:Jeb Puryear
   Unofficial Lyrics
Studio Find (1990?)
First setlist 2/2/01

If I had me one cold dollar 
For every warm tear I cry 
Well I'd buy me ten bottles 
And make it to the other side 

If I had a head of steam 
For every one of my broken dreams 
Well I'd haul this coach of heartaches 
A hundred miles 

Existence is a fancy word for this life of pain 
Disappointment falls on you just like rain 
There ain't no reason, there's nothing that we did 
The only thing I know is that's just the way it is 

When the world, it turns to you so belly-up and lame 
The lessons of life and love, they make you/it a shame
There ain't no doin' all that you can 
The necessary evil is when you become a man

DateAdded: 5/25/2002 Date Modified 2/14/2006

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